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Yianna Papalli Photiou is an interior designer and artist in Nicosia, Cyprus who studied the art at Istituto per l'arte e il Restauro Palazzo Spinelli in Florence, Italy.

She creates unique, stylish interiors with exquisite taste for residential and commercial use. She is inspired by the simplicity of nature and its organic shapes and colours. Using simple and eclectic ideas to transform spaces she creates great designs for practical use.

Yianna designs and creates furniture, paintings, sculptures and other home design crafts.



Living Room
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The designer is  dedicated to bringing to life each of her client's visions with her unique style and artistry. Her services are backed with architectural design experience, harmonious and coherent space designs through 3D visualisations and a natural flair for distinction and originality. She works with trusted partners who consider the client's vision, thus creating thoughtful and inspiring concepts, respectful to the building's location and heritage.

Providing discreet and attentive services, trusting advice and support through the entire process for valuable and quality results. The approach to every project is skillful and aims to surpass all expectations, leaving a lasting impression of harmony and fulfilment.

Her philosophy is to design graceful interior and exterior spaces that incorporate the client's own values and meet all functional requirements.


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Tel: +357 99336834

6 Propontidos street, 2325 Lakatamia, Nicosia, Republic of Cyprus